About the Artist

I am one of four siblings born in 1951 spending my young years in parochial schools. In these schools art was to be admired and appreciated but, not a serious subject to be studied. At home the study of art was not encouraged. In a working class family during the late 50’s and early 60’s, art was viewed more as a distraction. Later in life studying fine arts at Hunter College was the beginning of a new found freedom. The late sixties and early seventies was an expressive time for artists. However, the reality of supporting oneself became painfully evident. I continued to paint but had to go to the office and do my very best to earn a decent living with good benefits. My son was by far my best creation and every day I thank my lucky stars. My husband continues to be so supportive especially now that I have retired from the business world. But art is a calling, measured by recognition and self-promotion, which is essential. I am not a saleswoman but an artist who is exploring the process of revealing my personality through my work.

Painting in the Conscious Mind

What can we discover about ourselves if we approach the canvas without any preconceived ideas? What if we do not reference anything from the past or future, but rather stay in the moment, focus inward and ignore internal dialogue? The process and the result would delight and surprise the artist. It would translate onto the canvas as pure joy.

In the conscious mind which is the quiet mind, absent of thought, we do not need confirmation, affirmation or direction. The paint flows and the ideas materialize magically. For me it feels as though someone is guiding my brush. There is no struggle or difficulty. There is no right or wrong. A puzzle starts to appear and the mind has clarity and is stress free. The finished painting becomes an abstract personality that mirrors me. When viewing the artwork it looks back at you, and regards you in a very personal way. Once you connect with the painting it keeps changing. It can sit on the wall in any direction and it will have a different meaning for you. My artwork is a doorway to an alternate universe. Here you are encouraged to participate. I sign the painting in the direction that pleases me the most. My canvas turns continuously while I work. The work evolves while I paint and continues to evolve after completion by the viewer’s experience.

My paintings are a journey for both the artist and the viewer.